6 Practical Ways That Will Help You Retain Your Customers

6 Practical Ways That Will Help You Retain Your Customers

Customer churn refers to the percentage of customers who stopped using your product or service over a period. Customer churn is a crucial factor of Industrial B2B marketing because retaining an existing customer costs much less than acquiring a new customer. Customer churn can happen for multiple reasons. For example, your existing customer might not […]

Differentiate Your Brand

How To Differentiate Your Industrial Brand

When we look around, we see products and services everywhere. There’s something new launching every day, but not all of it makes an impression on our minds. We only remember certain brands, and we don’t invest our money in half of the brands we know. It occurs because many brands fail to stand apart from […]

7 common Industrial Marketing Myths

7 Common Industrial Marketing Myths You Need to Stop Believing

With traditional marketing taking a back seat, digital marketing is now the new buzzword. After the pandemic, manufacturing companies have realized that they need to utilize digital marketing to drive growth. As a result, it is no longer feasible to use traditional methods to market their products and services. Marketing is an area of business […]

SEO Hacks

5 Easy SEO Hacks that will Improve Your Website’s Performance

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a crucial element of Manufacturing Digital Marketing.  SEO and your website go hand-in-hand. But, as you already know, your Manufacturing digital marketing journey does not end with creating a website; it starts from there. It would be best if you attracted the right visitors to your website. And that’s […]

Repurposing Industrial B2B content

How to Repurpose Your Industrial B2B Content

Content is an essential digital marketing tool for Industrial B2B companies. Industrial content writing can be a complex task that requires a lot of time and resources. Repurposing Industrial content can help you save a lot of time and hard work to create a new piece of content every time. Repurposing content is essentially creating […]

Mapping Content for Industrial Buyers' Journey

How To Map Content To The Industrial Buyers’ Journey

Content is king, all hail the king. You must have read this and heard this countless times. The truth is that without understanding the steps your industrial buyers’ take to reach a buying decision, the content you create will not have any impact. Content Marketing is a very crucial aspect when it comes to digital […]

Email Marketing

11 Tested Email Marketing Tactics That Are Surprisingly Simple

Email Marketing is a b2b manufacturing marketing tool that can do wonders for Industrial B2B companies if used correctly. We have seen so many Industrial and B2B Manufacturing companies complain about how email marketing doesn’t work for them. Multiple things can go wrong while doing an email marketing campaign. Most people overlook these common mistakes […]

How To Map The Manufacturing Buyers’ Journey

Today’s buyer is more knowledgeable about products and services than ever before and is more in control of their buying journey than a seller controls their selling cycle. As per Gartner‘s research, B2B buyers spend only 17% of their time meeting potential vendors when considering purchasing. With all the information at their fingertips, the balance […]


Top 5 Tips for Writing Compelling Headlines for Your Industrial B2B Content

https://youtu.be/qxxWnX4ihMk Industrial B2B content is usually focused on the audience with sound technical knowledge and is looking to make purchases of complex industrial products. Therefore, creating content for Industrial B2B companies is no cakewalk, let alone writing a headline that is compelling yet technically insightful. Creating Industrial Website Content is very different and slightly more […]

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