Generate Leads Through Social Media

How To Generate Leads Through Social Media?

With over 3.6 billion users globally, Social Media is an essential communication medium in today’s world. As we know, social media includes platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, YouTube, and a lot more! Social media platforms are popular with all age groups of people from different cultural and professional backgrounds.  But can social media help you generate leads for your industrial/manufacturing business?  Yes! Social media can be a big cushion when it comes to lead generation for industrial companies. Social media plays a crucial role in manufacturing digital marketing by attracting a large target audience.  In this article, we will talk about how social media can help generate leads for your business. 

What is the Lead Generation Process?

Every product or service, whether industrial or commercial, has its target customer. When we talk about industrial companies, every machine or equipment is made to resolve a target customer’s specific problem. 

Your target customer most likely is not aware of the problem or possible solution for the problem. To create awareness, you have to promote your products or services to build curiosity in your target customer’s minds by understanding the issues they are facing and how you can help them resolve those problems or pain points. 

Lead generation is done in numerous ways, using pop-up forms or registration forms on websites, inquiry forms, cold emails, cold calling, webinars, and so on. Apart from this, social media is a powerful medium for lead generation.

Let’s understand how we can use social media to generate leads. 

How to Use Social Media for Lead Generation?

Social media is a powerful tool for communicating on an individual level, promoting your business, and generating more leads. Let’s discuss some techniques through which you can generate leads through social media.

Content Ideas

Types of Content for Social Media:

Let’s start with what kind of content you can use on social media to expand the reach and, ultimately, to generate more leads. These days, social media users are very aware, and therefore there is no one formula that can be foolproof in every situation. 

If you want to attract more people to your website, you will constantly experiment with social media content. 

Here’s a list of content that you can use on social media:

  1. Pictures- Goes without saying, grabs more attention than plain text.
  2. Videos- People engage more when the content is in audio-visual format. You can use video case studies, leadership interviews, product videos, video testimonials of your clients, etc. 
  3. Polls and contests- The key to attracting more traffic is to keep your target audience engaged with the relevant topics. 
  4. Inform about your new product launches and collaborations. 
  5. Webinars– You can always take up social media to educate your target audience about specific topics by conducting webinars or hosting live videos. You can also use automated webinars (recorded) to educate your target buyers.

Here are the following ways through which you can use social media for generating leads:

1. Social Media Ads:

Social media ads are a great way to direct the traffic on your website and generate more leads. With the help of social media ad campaigns, you can select the geographic location, demographics, and psychographics you specifically want to target. Social media ads are a great way to generate qualified leads for your business. 

Another advantage of social media ads is that they are easy to track, and you can set up clear goals and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for your ad campaigns in advance. 

If you are focusing on lead generation, you can select it as your campaign goal, assign and track KPIs the actual increase in the lead generation by the end of your ad campaign.

2. Contests and Polls:

Contests on social media are viral. Conducting B2B contests on social media channels, especially Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, will attract a lot of attention to your company’s products and services. 

Social media contests are a great way to engage with your followers. Contests excite people, and when they share them with other people, it increases your brand awareness. 

People that have participated in your contest and have shown their interest are leads for you. You can use various methods like a monthly newsletter, event invites, and personalized emails to convert these leads into prospects. 

Polls: Just like contests, polls are also a great way of engaging followers. You can create a poll on almost all social media platforms: LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.  

Polls are used to ask questions to your followers. The reason for asking these questions as a poll is to try and understand your target audience’s preferences. 

3. Social Media Communities:

Social media communities are small groups of people on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit, etc. 

As an industrial company, you can create a social media community with your customers, prospects, and industrial experts. 

These communities work as a platform for the members to gain knowledge about new technologies, discuss changes in the industry, talk about the current challenges, etc. 

The more value you provide through your social media communities, the more people want to join it. It’s a great way to attract your prospective buyers and take them to the bottom of the funnel. 

Social Media Lead Generation hacks

4. Events:

Creating events on social media is another way of attracting your target customers. Events could be both virtual and physical. 

You can easily create events pages on Facebook and LinkedIn, where people can register for your event or show their interest. 

Live events like Facebook Live, Webinars, Talk Shows, Podcasts, etc., are gaining tremendous traction nowadays. These events are a fantastic way to display your industrial knowledge and skills, give people an opportunity to listen to industry experts and interact with them while being at the comfort of their homes or offices. 

As an industrial company, you can leverage the events to generate more leads.

5. Sharing Fresh Content:

One of the best ways to keep generating leads on your website is to keep posting fresh content on social media.

Do not forget to keep linking it back to your website to the relevant pages. You can also put up a form on your website or a Call-to-Action button to capture the leads coming from social media. 

As we discussed above, you can post content like pictures, videos, new product updates, case studies, interviews, polls, and a lot more. Just make sure to keep the messaging right and unified across all the social platforms, keeping in mind your target audience. 

Social media, if used correctly, can be leveraged to gather more attention and generate more leads. The key is to stay consistent with your social media strategy and keep engaging with your target audience from time to time. Don’t let it be the one-way communication channel, and always keep yourself open for feedback and comments from your followers. You might get a better insight into what your target audiences are looking for. 

Lead generation is a vital part of manufacturing digital marketing. The traditional ways of lead generation do not work the way they used to. Thus, with the changing time and demands, manufacturers and industrial companies also need to change the way they approach their target audience. 

Social media has empowered the buyers, and it can serve as an excellent tool for industrial companies trying to grow their business. 

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