Everything You Need to Know About Tradeshow Marketing

Tradeshow marketing helps companies participating in Tradeshows to make them successful. Tradeshows are among the most critical events for industrial and manufacturing companies as they provide a massive platform for displaying products, innovations, and knowledge. Tradeshows and industrial exhibitions play a crucial role in getting new leads, interacting with the existing customers, increasing brand awareness, assessing the competitors, and creating a network.

Tradeshows are one of the most expensive marketing activity industrial and manufacturing companies indulge in, and therefore their success is vital to justify the budgets.

With the right push of digital marketing strategies, tradeshows can deliver the desired results.

After the pandemic, things are finally going back to normal, and many tradeshows are lined up for the year already. So, if you are planning to participate in a tradeshow, here is everything you need to know about Tradeshow Marketing!

Tradeshow Marketing Strategies:

Tradeshow marketing is valuable for companies to build awareness amongst their target customers about the tradeshow. Tradeshows are all about live product demonstrations, interacting with potential customers, and showcasing your company’s skills, strengths and knowledge.

To do that, connecting with the audience in a tradeshow is essential. The tradeshow digital marketing strategy covers three sections:

  1. Before the tradeshow begins
  2. During the tradeshow
  3. After the tradeshow ends

Let’s talk about what marketing activities will boost your tradeshow performance at every stage:

1.   Before the Tradeshow

It includes all the marketing activities to focus on before the tradeshow begins. It is the best time to create a buzz and draw more crowd to your booth.

Landing Page

  1. You can start by creating a landing page for the tradeshow. The landing page should include
  • Your tradeshow details (date and time, venue, booth number and location),
  • Details of products to be displayed,
  • Information about a new product launch, details regarding giveaways, freebies, and lucky draws, etc. To know about more ways of lead generation, do check Top 10 Proven Lead Generation Tactics For Targeted Leads. 

2. You can create a landing page on your website using software like Unbounce, Landingi, or Lander, etc.

3. You can create lead magnets on the landing page like an eBook download button, checklist, or a giveaway form to collect the visitors’ email address and other details.

Email Marketing

With the help of email marketing, you can send the information about the tradeshow to the subscribers and direct them to your tradeshow landing page.

Emails are great promotional tools to add all the relevant information about the tradeshow and create a buzz. You can also do a series of emails, known as an email campaign, to remind your subscribers about the tradeshow.

But make sure to keep sufficient time intervals between two emails, or else you will become “annoying” to your subscribers.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is one of the most popular methods of creating a buzz. You can promote the tradeshow on social media channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., with colorful and eye-catching posters, pictures and videos, etc.

You can also add information about the giveaways, freebies, and contests, which will excite your target audience to participate in the tradeshow.

Keep posting about the tradeshow in fixed intervals so that the target audience can remember and retain the information.

Google Ads

You can run Google Ads to tap the audience that is already participating in the tradeshows or is searching for the tradeshows. Google search ads will inform them about your participation in the tradeshow.

You can add details like booth number and booth location in your Google ads so that people can easily navigate to your booth.

You can easily monitor Google Ads to check how many people have seen your ads.

2. During Tradeshow

During the tradeshow, you are busy interacting with the potential customers on your booth. With the right marketing strategy’s help, you can attract more audience to your booth and convert more leads to potential customers.

Booth Planning

Booth is the center area of functioning in a tradeshow, and therefore it has to be a point of attraction for the visitors. You can find plenty of ideas for booth setup on sites like Pinterest.

You can decide on a theme that suits your products or opt for any innovative theme like sustainability, the alternate world, etc.

Depending on your budget, you can select the booth location and theme. Make your booth livelier by conducting activities like contests, giveaways, etc., and you can also run some teaching activities related to your business like “what’s new in” manufacturing, machine tools, metal cutting, etc.

It will help you in keeping the potential customers on your booth for a longer time.

Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership is a marketing strategy led by experience, expertise, knowledge, ideas, and skills.

Thought leaders are the people who have expertise in a specific area, and people look up to them to get insights and knowledge.

The senior members of an organization are the thought leaders. Everyone else is interested in their opinion about certain things due to their experience and expertise in the field, and people find them reliable.

During the tradeshow, senior members of your organization can share posts, pictures, videos, etc., of tradeshow from their handles to influence their followers to visit your booth.

Thought Leadership during the tradeshow plays a crucial role in creating brand awareness and building your potential customers’ trust.

WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp Marketing is another effective way of connecting with your potential customers during the tradeshow.

You will need to create a WhatsApp Business or WhatsApp Business API account to start with WhatsApp Marketing. If you have made a landing page, you already have an email and contact details list of the leads. You need to add these numbers to the broadcast list of your WhatsApp business account, and then you can easily send your product catalogs, tradeshow details, booth details, etc.

WhatsApp marketing requires minimum effort, and it can inform a large number of people at once about your participation.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is like a 24/7 news channel for you during the tradeshow. You can post regularly on social media platforms during the tradeshow. You can post about the activities that are going on in your booth, videos of live demonstrations in the tradeshow, pictures, live streaming at what not!

These social media activities will keep your social media followers updated with the tradeshow activities. It will also help bring more attention to your brand as the media portals continually look for fresh updates.

Another benefit of social media marketing during the tradeshow is that the people who could not attend the tradeshow will also get a glimpse of it.

Personalized Emails

Personalization is vital when it comes to lead conversion. You need to figure out the prospects that are the best fit for your business and send them personalized emails inviting them to the tradeshow.

A personalized email will show your prospects that they are valuable to you and help you start a relationship with them.

Try to keep the email simple and to the point and not try to sell your products or services through it. This email should tell your prospects who you are and what you do.

Building relationships with your prospects will help you in the tradeshow and be helpful in the long run.


Who does not like gifts? Everybody does, and therefore giveaways are an exciting part of the tradeshow. Keeping in mind your buyer persona, you should plan a giveaway that is thoughtful and represents your business or ideas.

You can collect your booth visitors’ information with a form and hand them the giveaways as a thank you gesture. It will leave a good impression on your visitors’ minds and might put the right word about you to the other visitors!

3.   After Tradeshow

Once the tradeshow is over, it is now time to look at all the leads you collected before and during the tradeshow and keep them engaged with you.

Personalized Emails

Now that the tradeshow is over, it’s time to focus on your leads’ pain points and convert them into customers.

Personalized emails post-tradeshow will contain detailed information, addressing the problems of your potential customers. To make them more personal, the sales representative that has already communicated with the lead and has a good understanding of their pain point should send this email.

It will tell your potential customers that you care about their problems and are willing to solve them. You can also attach the links to the blog that addresses your leads’ pain points in the email.

Press Releases and Blog Posts

A press release of the tradeshow and blogs describing the entire tradeshow experience is a useful PR tool and increases your business website’s organic reach.

You can summarize your tradeshow’s success through blogs and press releases, or you can give a detailed account of all the activities like giveaways, contest, and their winners, etc.

Press releases can be circulated to the media portals so that they can cover you on their portals. It will attract visitors from media portals to your website. 

Content plays a significant role in lead conversion, check How Content Marketing Will Help Industrial Companies to know more about it. 

Tradeshows are a significant investment for the industrial and manufacturing companies, and there’s no sure-shot way to make them successful or measure the success. Therefore, with the help of tradeshow marketing strategies, you can optimize your tradeshow and use your resources to their full potential to get positive results. If you want to learn in-depth about Tradeshow Marketing, you can download our Tradeshow eBook!

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