eCommerce, a game-changer for Industrial Companies

E-commerce has exploded in the B2C sector and has changed the landscape of how we buy and sell products these days. Today, eCommerce can be a game-changer for industrial and manufacturing companies.

Even though many Industrial companies are still hesitant to adopt eCommerce to increase sales, they need to remember that.

  1. Today, industrial companies need to be smart and capitalize on the digital space and not focus on selling products physically.
  1. E-commerce is going to augment their existing distribution channels and not replace them. Ecommerce is going to help industrial companies reach a broader market.

How will manufacturing companies benefit from using eCommerce?

Even though eCommerce has been used effectively by many B2C companies, industrial companies have entered this world a tad late. For manufacturing companies that have not yet entered e-commerce, the time to do it is now.

There are many benefits to using an eCommerce platform for your Industrial company.

1) Attract new customers

More than 70% of B2B buyers conduct their research online before they buy a product. With such a vast number of customers searching for products that you might be selling, eCommerce opens the door to attract such customers. An SEO optimized eCommerce platform, great functionality, and good customer experience will help draw new customers to your website.

2) Provide personalized content to buyers

B2B eCommerce platforms have taken the cue from B2C and have started personalizing the content as per the buyer’s requirement.
Earlier, companies were hesitant to show their products’ prices on the website; now, they can also show pricing based on customers, segments, regions, etc.

3) Sell your entire product catalog online 

As a manufacturer, you might have hundreds of products that you manufacture. Your customers would not know your entire inventory. An eCommerce platform will allow you to upload all your products online. With the creative use of search filters, related product tags, and search suggestions, you can help your customers discover more products and their alternatives.

4) Save time and effort of your customer and the efforts of your sales team 

The traditional channels require customers to reach out to sales or procurement for placing orders that take up a lot of time and effort. An eCommerce platform for your company will help customers complete transactions quickly and independently.

5) Increase in brand awareness 

The eCommerce platform for your Industrial company will help you reach new markets, and a large variety of segments that were still untapped can now be reached easily. It will help in increasing the brand awareness of your company.

With Industrial buyers regularly using e-commerce platforms for purchasing a variety of products, they now expect to purchase even industrial products through an eCommerce platform. They now want to be in control of the buying cycle. They want faster accessibility to their products; they want seamless transactions when paying, returning, and receiving products. Not only that, but they also want to be able to buy the products when and from where they want. In the end, eCommerce can be the game-changer for Industrial companies.

If a manufacturing company wants to stay ahead of the competition, it has to consider the B2B buyers’ changing behavior. They no longer want an agent to place orders for parts.

Finally, the longer the industrial companies take to do the shift, the greater the chances of an innovative competitor taking away your sales and weakening your market position.