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8 Powerful Content Ideas That Will Skyrocket Traffic to Your Industrial Website

Starting something new is never easy.

You have an excellent Industrial and Manufacturing company, your products are well designed, you have a well-designed website, but there’s still something missing. For some reason, you cannot generate more leads, your customers lack trust, and your brand is relatively unknown to your customers.

You know what’s missing; you don’t have content on your website!

You already know that content plays a vital role in your business growth. Your content is that all-rounder that can help you attract more visitors to your website, convert more visitors into leads, and leads into customers. 

Content Marketing for Industrial and Manufacturing Companies can be an unconventional and a little complex process if you don’t know where to start. With this article, we aim to solve one of the biggest challenges any process might face: where to start?

Here are eight content ideas that will help you skyrocket website traffic to your industrial website

1. Product Guides:

Products are at the heart of your Industrial and Manufacturing business—what better idea than to start writing about your products. By only putting product specifications on your website, you are doing a disservice to your prospects.

You need to dig deeper and extract content from your engineers and subject matter experts. Use this information to create guides about your products. These guides could be:

  • How to use guides
  • How to install guides
  • Product demonstration video guides
  • Product applications and benefits
  • Product maintenance guides

Since you know your products inside-out, writing product guides will not be a difficult task for you. You can always hire an in-house writer or hire a Content Marketing Agency like Dijitale for your Industrial and Manufacturing company to help you create these guides.


Check out this product write-up by Gravotech to understand how you can create your own product guides.

2. Content Answering Your FAQs:

Do you struggle to decide topics for your blog posts? One of the simplest ways to determine your next blog post’s topic is to go through your FAQs. You can find out the frequently asked questions by your customers about your products and services when they talk to your sales team.

Based on these FAQs, you can create different blog posts and provide in-depth answers. The blog posts you make will also help people searching for answers to the same questions on the internet.

Check out this SECO Tools blog where they have written about one of the most common FAQ, machine downtime.

3. Case Studies:

Have you successfully installed your product at your client’s work unit that has helped them overcome their pain points? Then it’s an excellent opportunity for you to create a case study. Your case study will involve your client’s problem and how you help them to overcome those challenges.

To know in detail about writing a case study, you can refer to our blog “How To Create Industrial Case Studies That Bring More Customers“. 

Case studies are a powerful tool for building trust. Case studies show your knowledge and expertise to your target customers. It proves that you can get the job done and solve their pain points.

Brownie points for you if you include video clips of installations and client testimonials in your case studies.


Check out this wonderful case study by Trumpf with all the necessary information, pictures and videos.

4. A Descriptive Guide of Technology You Use:

Another great idea is to write about the technology you are using while creating and assembling your products. The technology you use for making your products is proof of product quality, and your target customers will be interested in that.

It is a fantastic way of giving a sneak peek to your target customers on how you manufacture your products.

You can use short YouTube videos with one of your engineers or subject matter experts giving a brief about the methodology and processes that you utilize to manufacture your products.

It will help your customers build confidence in your expertise and be a factor that can influence your target customers to make the buying decision.

Check out these videos by Shneider Electric and Promobot Russia where they have thoroughly capture the technology and the process that goes into manufacturing their products.

5. Audio-Visual Content About How Your Product Works:

Do you have a complex product? Most Industrial and Manufacturing companies do have complex products and components. In such a scenario, it becomes essential to create a vivid description of your product.

You can start by creating a video series about how to use your products. We suggest a video series because industrial products are complex, and putting the whole process in a single video might confuse your target customer.

And when you create a video series, you can also show different applications and ways your customers can use your products.

We all know industrial B2B products require a considerable investment and have a long buying cycle. Therefore, sharing more and more information about your products will help build your target customers’ trust.

You can send these videos through mail to your Marketing Qualified Leads to nurture them and inform them of your capabilities.

Checkout this post by Keyence with 3D views and videos of the products.

6. Successful Installation of Your Product at Your Client's Work Unit:

Like written case studies, you can also create success stories or video case studies that depict your products’ successful installation at your client’s factory floor. Like written case studies, these videos will also help build trust and provide insight into your capabilities as a manufacturer.

You can send the installation videos to your sales qualified leads. These videos will be valuable for your sales team to convert leads into customers.

Mazak USA

Check out this success story by Mazak USA where they have included a YouTube video with the process and client testimonies.

7. A Comparative Write-up of Your Product V/S your Competitor

Well, this one requires more information and effort, but it is worth it. How would you tell your product is best without saying it? You can do it by creating comprehensive articles and blogs. In these articles, you can compare your products with your competitor’s products and explain in detail their specifications, applications, and advantages.

This way, you are giving full disclosure about your product and your competitor to your target customers, giving them the power to decide the best one.

Try not to be over-competitive; trust your product and highlight its best features. Your target customers will be able to compare all the options and understand how your products will be a better choice for them.


Check out Freshdesk’s website where they have compared similar products to give a better understanding to the target customers.

8. Articulate Your After-Sales Services and Customer Support Services:

Do you take pride in your after-sales and customer support service? If yes, then write about it! If you have spent a reasonable amount of time in the business, you know how essential after-sales services are for your customers.

Your target customers are looking for companies that not only provide an efficient product but provide superb after-sales service. In the long run, the quality of your after-sales services is what makes or breaks the relationship with your customers.

So, if you believe in maintaining relationships and providing excellent after-sales services, you should write about it. Take feedback interviews of your customers, create videos of your customer services, and publish them on your website.

Check out how efficiently Renishaw has articulated their after-sales and customer support services.

If you want to start creating content for your industrial website, these were our top ideas for you. With these ideas, you can kick-start your content creation journey, and once you start creating content, maintaining the flow shouldn’t be very difficult.

In case you need help in creating content, Dijitale provides Content Marketing services for Industrial and Manufacturing Companies. You can check our Content Writing page for our services and pricing.