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5 Easy Landing Page Tactics That Will Increase Website Conversions

Have you ever heard your Industrial Marketing Agency or digital marketing team talk tirelessly about creating a landing page? And you paused and wondered what landing pages are? Aren’t they just like all other website pages?

Well, landing pages are a bit different than your usual website pages. Instead, they are an integral part of digital marketing strategies built to fulfill a specific purpose.

In this blog, we have covered:

  • What is a landing page?
  • Why are landing pages important?
  • The elements a good landing page must-have.


So let’s start by understanding what a landing page is!

What Is A Landing Page?

Landing pages are pages built to fulfill a specific purpose. Landing pages can be a part of your website, but they can also be standalone pages. As we have already established, landing pages have a specific purpose and play a vital role in lead generation. Usually, landing pages support the following purposes:

  1. Special offers like discounts, cashback, offers, or others.
  2. New product launches
  3. Free eBooks/ templates
  4. Webinar registration/On-demand webinars
  5. Online contests

The offers and information are known as lead magnets. Lead magnets attract your target customers and direct them to the landing pages, which capture the information of your prospects or convert them.

Your home page has a cluster of data. Unlike your website home page or any other page, landing pages are focused on only one piece of information. When visitors come to your home page, they see all the details about your business, your products, and services, regardless if they require it at that time. It might trouble those visitors who have come to your website with a specific requirement in mind.

Therefore, a landing page helps these visitors by providing specific information about an offer rather than the entire cluster of information about your business. When you provide your visitors precisely what they are looking for, it increases the chances of their conversion.

Why are Landing Pages Important?

Let’s talk about why landing pages are so crucial for businesses.

1. Capturing Leads:

The most prominent role of your landing pages is capturing business leads. Landing pages capture the lead through contact forms. You can attach these forms with the downloadables like eBooks, guides, templates, or for availing particular offers.

The landing page visitors need to fill these forms to download a piece of content, attend a webinar, or avail of the offer. The forms usually require contact information such as name, email address, and company name in some cases. Every time someone fills a form, you get the details of your prospective customers, and you can nurture them to push them further in the buying funnel.

2. Helps Your Sales Team:

Landing pages are of great help to your sales team. Your landing pages provide information about the leads that are ready to be converted. How so?

Well, the visitors that have come to your landing page and took some action like filling up the form are interested in a particular product or offer. It is your target customer’s way of telling you that they are ready for the next stage. Your sales team can use the right tactics to convert these prospects into customers.

3. Give You An Idea About Your Target Customer’s Preferences:

Landing pages help you to identify your target customer’s preferences. When a visitor comes to your landing page and makes an effort to fill up their information, it indicates that they are interested in that particular information or offer.

You can now send them related information and offers through email marketing, social media posts, PPC campaigns, etc., to convert them into customers.

However, if your target customers are coming on your landing page but still not taking any action, you need to change your tactics.

4. Improve Your Buyer Personas

Your landing pages are a great way to improve your buyer personas. Let’s understand how.

As you know, your buyer persona is the representation of your ideal customer. Buyer persona includes all the demographics, psychographic and professional information of your target customers.

When someone fills the contact form on your landing page, you can cross-check if this data is part of your existing buyer persona. For example, you might explore some information you missed while making your buyer persona or the details you did not think of initially. You can add this information to your buyer personas framework and improve them.

How To Create A Landing Page?

When you are creating a landing page, there are certain things you need to keep in mind. Since landing pages are built for rapid conversion and capturing of your leads, here are the five easy landing page tactics that will help you increase website conversions:


Landing page

1. Distraction-Free Zone:

Focused, specific, and highly concentrated, keep these three things in mind while creating a landing page.

Your target audience is looking for specific information, and your landing pages are the opportunity to serve them with just what they need. Therefore, your landing page should only focus on a single piece of information, unlike your homepage.

Do not distract your target customers with links to other pages, social media links, information related to other offers, etc.

2. The Right Lead-Capturing Form:

Forms are crucial elements of your landing page; therefore, you must get them right. Your forms should neither be vague nor overwhelming for your target customers. You should be able to extract the information that will help you with your upcoming marketing campaigns. A good form has between 2-4 questions.

It has form fields such as first name, last name, email, company name or profession, etc. Before deciding the fields of your form, first, determine how you will use the information you will collect. Only extract the information that is relevant and useful for you.

3. Videos:

Does your landing page consist of new product information or downloadables like eBooks, Templates, webinars, etc.?

You can put a short video describing your product. In the case of downloadables, you can create a video explaining the value your target customers will get after consuming the content you have shared in your downloadable material.

4. Testimonials/Reviews:

If you have any written/video testimonials or reviews of your product or downloadables, you must use them. When people read testimonials and reviews on landing pages, it helps them with their decision. Testimonials and reviews are the trust-building elements.

Your target customers need proof that what you promise to offer through your landing page is accurate. The testimonials and customer reviews with the name, designation/profession of actual people work as social proof. It helps your target customers relate to what you are offering and know that you have the know-how to provide your services to their industry/market segment.

5. Thank-You Page and Email:

Your landing pages should direct to a Thank-You page or email when someone submits the form or downloads your content offer.

Your target customers are providing you information, and thus, you should communicate that you are happy that they trusted you with their data. Make sure you follow up with a thank you page or thank you email, or both after someone submits the form.

Finally, it would help if you keep tweaking and testing your landing pages. Unfortunately, there is no formula for creating great landing pages. Instead, you need to continue making changes and see what works best for you. It includes what kind of headlines you should use, how many fields in the form should be there, what type of information you should extract, how much data you should put on your landing pages, where you should place the videos, pictures, and testimonials, etc.

Landing pages are essential digital marketing tools. As an Industrial Marketing Agency, we at Dijitale can help you to create the right landing pages for your business. Explore our services to find how we can help you strategically with digital marketing. You can check the landing pages we created for our website here and here.

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